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A farewell to fishes…

So as I sat in front of the keyboard surfing the web as I am wont to do when given a chance; idly catching up on news or killing a few things here and there on the odd free MMORPG site I heard an odd noise coming from the general area of the fish tank. Now I have had this particular fish tank for many years and it has made a few moves with me in that time. It has been in place in it’s current location for close to 5 years now. I have not been adding any new fish to the tank over the years as I was planing on shutting it down as soon as all the little fish had run the natural course of their lives. I had 5 fish remaining as of this morning.

As I began my investigation of the noise I came across a rather large puddle of water on the top of my tank maintenance kit that was poking out the back of the cabinet that the tank was sitting on. This in turn lead me to find that water was dripping onto the power bar below and causing the unit to arc. The scary part was that the surge protector did not trigger on the power bar some of the cords and the power bar was showing burn and melt points. So faced with a leaking tank and a possible fire hazard the fish had to make the ultimate sacrifice for home and country and were dually honored with a burial at sea for their years of service.

Yes I am a cruel and mean person to sacrifice the fish. But when it comes to the chance of an electrical fire sparked by a malfunctioning power bar while my kids are sleeping in the next room; and water damage from a leaking fish tank the guppies had to go.

So I unplugged the power bar and began dismantling the tank. It is hard to drain a fish tank, with multiple buckets of water to the tub and do everything else required in the clean up while being quite so that everyone else can keep sleeping during nap time. I got it done, though I still need to clean the tub…

I am also amazed as my wife and kids are now awake that no one has noticed that the fish tank is no longer there…will see how long this will go unnoticed. Okay that only lasted about 10 minutes for my wife but the kids still have not figured it out, kind of funny.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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