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New Job Day 5

So the job is going well, the addition of music/radio to the work day makes things move along much quicker and I can keep up with world events with the news. I am getting a lot done around the work place and even wound up patching a section of the roof with tar after finding a number of holes. Then I put together some large shipping containers which I will get to fill up tomorrow. I think I am going to request a mechanics stool or something to save my knees from having to kneel on the floor when getting boxes in and out. Once we clear some more space we get to re-work everything in storage…hope to get it all squared away before the snow flies.

The rest of the weekend was pretty much the normal though I pretty much went close to two days without taking any photos. So I tried a little photo project that was a little different. I’m sure I had some of the neighbours thinking I was taking photos of them but it was the only way to get the item I was focusing on. That item was the Glass Insulators on the power lines, so I took a few shots around noon and again at sunset.

Insulated Sun

Insulated Sunset

Insulated Sunset 2

I think the way the light is refracted in the glass was rather interesting, but that may be just me…I think I might try cropping some smaller sections of the pictures to see about some more random and abstract images.

Was also able to get a photo of a Northern Flicker, but no matter where I moved it was partially hidden or in harsh shadow.

Northern Flicker

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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