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New Job Day 2,3 and 4

So 3 full days in my new job and all is going well, foot is still killing me but that tends to be the norm as of late so I just grin and bear it. Getting a feel for what is needed and was told on Friday that I can have my MP3 player going while I work in the storage area. Since then I have noticed others around the offices and other work area with headphones on so it’s all good; it can get a little quite at times.

Today was busy with an all-day First Aid course, so I am now certified to save your life, so be very nice to me…LOL…well at least for the next three years until I have to re-certify. I was supposed to be out visiting with family this weekend but my course date was changed at the very last minute so I had to stay home; but it is one more certification for me. It was a good to have the course again, the last time I took it was back in the 90`s. There were a few changes in the areas of Choking and CPR, as well there are the new AED`s (Automated External Defibrillator).

So I got home and did some cleaning, got rid of some boxes that were piling up and some other garbage. Got dinner finished up and noticed a show on the tube so I sat down to watch it. During the show I came to the conclusion that me alone with a big bag of trail mix is not a good thing…

But the big conclusion is happening so time to get back to watching the show… here is an older picture to end off with, enjoy!

HDR Reflections

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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