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Home Alone…Day Four…a day late…

Okay a day late, but I was very tired yesterday for some reason might have been all the sun, I also think all the sleeping in is throwing off my internal clock.

So after getting up I headed to the balcony to see if the oil had done its job and freed the nut enough for me to get the tire off. Success! Tire removed soon after I had the tube removed. I pumped it up and filled the sink to see if I could find the issue and was rewarded with bubbles soon after submerging it. So now came the next task, finding a replacement tube for a 12″ kids tire; amazingly enough I was able to find one at my first stop so I bought two to have one as back-up since we have the two bikes. I picked up a few other things at the store and came back to the house where I put everything back together.

Yup that was the last thing on the list, so I got to scratch it off. Woot!

After that I grabbed my camera and took off on a bit of a road trip to take some photos out of town at a small roadside diner / ice cream shop that also rebuilds classic cars in the back shop. I tried to see if the owner would sell me the Art Deco hood ornament from the ’37 Pontiac, he said sure, as long as I bought the car too…uhmmm no.

Copyright 2012

1937 Pontiac Hood Ornament

After that I swung back towards home, on the hunt for a Kingfisher that I have seen at a lake along the way. I did find him/her but was unable to get a clean photo so the hunt continues…I enjoy the “hunt” and then “shooting” the animal, my trophy is the photo.  After spotting the Cedar Waxwing for the first time the other day I’m starting to see them everywhere now…LOL.  Unable to get a photo of the Kingfisher I did run into an unexpected find of 4-5 Western Painted Turtles sunning themselves on a log.

Copyright 2012

Western Painted Turtle

Also tried to get some photos of the barn swallows that were buzzing around the area, but I needed to try some different camera settings as all I got was bird shaped blurs.

Other than a touch of sunburn and an already painful foot not liking the walking it was not a bad day.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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