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Home Alone…Day Three…

Day three, and it being the weekend I actually slept in, till 8am…

After which I got up and did a few chores around the house and made some breakfast. I had a pancake, it was almost the size a dinner plate, but I only had ONE pancake (wonder if I could get away with that on a diet show…lol). After that I tried in vain to remove the rear tire off my daughters bike so that I could change a flat tire. Only after getting all the training wheels off and chain guard do I find that one of the nuts has been mangled to a point where I can’t get a proper grip on it with a wrench. I tried in vain for longer than I should have and finally stepped away after soaking it with WD40. Will try again tomorrow…

After that I scratched a few more items off the honey do list that my wife had left for me. So far it is going to be the kids bike that won’t be getting removed at this rate.

Took the time to go down to a local auto show at one of the kids favorite parks. Once there I took a lot of photos, played with some more of my new camera’s settings and took a few photos that I would consider Artsy…LOL.

Copyright 2012

Sure were some nice rides there, had a few favorites that I kept going back to. Surrounded by cars with all that shiny chrome and the smell of tires in the hot sun I had a small surge of testosterone. Had an urge to do a little Tim Allen grunt…just needed a beer and a steak after all that…where can I build my man cave?

Copyright 2012

Had a nice but short visit with some family members who were passing through town on their family vacation. They are taking the time to check out lots of the sights along the way, so no mad rush involved from point A to B, best way to do it if you can.

This evening I did some more tourist in my backyard sort of thing by heading over to a local park with a large marsh/pond in the back of it. Got a photo of another new bird (to me at least) called a Cedar Waxwing.

Copyright 2012

Cedar Waxwing

After which I did some quick shopping to get some snack items into the house. Thinking it might be time for a movie, will see how I feel after this.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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