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Home Alone…Day Two…

So what we have here is a picture of around 4:30 am which I am calling: Too Damn Early… That was the scene this morning as I was driving out of town to visit my stores. I have no clue why I do this to myself, especially when I get back into town and finally leave the office around 4pm after going through emails and other required work on the network.

The drive out of town that early has some risks with all the wild life on the road. Think I passed about 4 deer on the side of the road and one Bull that had gotten out of the ranches fence line some how.Had two moose as well but they were safely behind the main highways wildlife barrier fence.

Had a few text messages from my wife, left hotel, got safely to my sisters, off to the lake. Kids are going nuts it seems, wanting to do everything at once. I’m hoping that they realize they have a few days there and can enjoy it, also hope they don’t do it all too fast and get bored. Hopefully no headaches for S tonight. Seems that my wife left her swimsuit hanging on the back of the hotel bathroom door and forgot to pack it up. I called the hotel and nothing has been turned in by the new room guest or the cleaning staff. It must have been the right size for one of them. I think she will be stopping in on the way back home and having a “chat” with the manager (hope it’s not Rob still in charge he was a good guy as I stayed at the hotel for years with my last job).

On the way back into town I saw and was able to get a picture of a Turkey Vulture of all things, there were two working on a carcass but one flew off by the time I got my camera ready and walked back from the safe parking spot on the side of the road.

So other than work nothing to exciting, feet are still causing me much pain and I think its time to find some dinner. And with that large clap of thunder it is also time to shut off the computer.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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