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Home Alone…Day One…

Wow, been ages since I did a post here. Seems that after I got my new job my posting to the blog has come to a complete stop, shows that I work too much…

So back in March soon after starting my new job I was required to book my holidays. So after much planning and discussion with family I booked July 25th to 31 off for a family vacation to see my sister up at her cabin on the lake. Was assured by my boss that it would not be an issue, and if there was a problem with the our floater rep he would do my route himself. So about 2 weeks ago I get an email from the regional office, holiday denied. I wrote back, but it was all set, and my boss would cover. Answer back, Denied, and your boss has a big visit that he has to come to regional office that week to help with so he can’t cover your territory (funny thing is the big visit he was to help with is now occurring next month…). So what to do, not like I could be conveniently sick the same week that I was to go on the trip. As well the kids have been talking about the trip for months so how could we let them down? So in the end the final decision would be that I would be stuck at home working while my wife and kids went on the trip. I was a tad worried about my wife’s sanity being stuck in the car for hours with bored kids, but she broke up the trip with little sightseeing stops and has made it to the hotel a-okay. Tomorrow they make the final leg of the trip before heading to the lake.

So here I am, home alone. No wife, no kids time to sit back and relax, maybe have a beer (or not since I am dealing with an extremely painful run of gout in not one but both of my feet). Nothing like working a job that requires lots of walking with two bum feet. Add in the fact that since I am working and driving the “good” medications have to stay at home.

So what does one do when he is free of kids and his wife? Well I’ll tell ya…he cleans the fraking house…dusted, vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen, bathroom will have to wait till tomorrow I think.

Woo-hoo! Party on Dude!

Okay, so maybe I turned on some of my music while I worked, but still I’m so exciting…NOT! Oh, I almost forgot, I did my laundry too…

The one diversion I have afforded myself tonight was watching Mortal Kombat: Legacy on YouTube, which I came upon by chance. It Freaking Rocks!, and I see that there are more episodes on the way. I want them now, now, now… Not for young viewers I might add…

Well I think I better go take some of the “good” drugs and get to bed, early morning run to my out of town calls with another early start (up at 4am…why did I take this job again?).

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

P.S. – wonder if I should do a photo like the movie poster….ahhhhhhh!

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