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When did Teacher become a 4 letter word?…

I’m going to go off on a rant here for a bit…I’ll apologize now for my ramblings…

At what point and time in our recent history did the word teacher become a 4 letter word?  It seems to me as of late that the public has some real odd theories on what a teacher is supposed to do with their kids. Teachers are there to teach, not raise your kids for you. If there was an issue with me in school back in the day my parents would get a phone call. Their answer to that call would be “Don’t worry; we will take care of this.” At which point I would get a very long lecture on respecting my teachers and listening to them and abiding by the rules. The next day with my mother or father standing at the door I would have to apologize to my teacher for my behavior.  I would also get grounded and lose my TV privileges. If it happened again it was going to be a much louder lecture and longer time going without TV or going outside with my friends. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore…

Now a day’s it seems the answer to the same phone call is: “And what have YOU done about it?” I’m sorry, when did it become a teachers JOB to raise your kids for you? They have been hired to provide instruction in the courses they teach. They are not Co-Parents; they are not required to teach your kid’s manners, respect, and responsibility or basically the old fashioned Golden Rules, that’s the PARENTS job. Why is it in the few short years that I have been around there has been such a drastic reduction in simple discipline of kids? Along with parents that really don’t give a damn what their kids do. When I’m driving home at 11:30 at night I should not see your pre-teens on the streets; not that teens on the street that late on a school night is any better.  Along with that don’t care attitude has come this belief that it’s the teachers problem so they need to deal with it. They are YOUR kids, it is YOUR problem, you need to SUPPORT the teacher and help them get the kid on the right track. Teachers have very limited options when it comes to correcting kids in their class, most they can do is send the kid to the principal. Suspensions and expulsion from school seem to be used less and less now days due to the fact no one is home to watch the kid.  If these kids have no respect for a person in authority such as a teacher they must have no respect for you the parent. I see more and more kids now a day treat their parents as mobile ATM’s. Drive me to the mall and give me money.  Then I’ll call you on the iPhone you bought me, which you also pay the bill on when my friends and I are ready to go home.

But those damn teachers are going on strike for 3 DAYS! My kid’s education will be destroyed! How many days home sick has your kid been this year? What about that trip that requires little Dick or Jane to not be in school the week before or the week after spring break? Those extra 5 days don’t matter but these 3 days are the end of the world? Guess what; take a text book or two along that they can read on the beach.  Back when I was in school the common practice was to read the ENTIRE Textbook soon after getting it; not waiting till you were assigned a chapter to read in class. This way when that chapter was given you were reviewing the information and not trying to cram it into your skull at the last minute before class.

Sure back in my school days I did not have access to all the information that kids have today via the internet. I also didn’t have all the distractions of texting, YouTube, Facecrack, etc… I grew up on a Commodore 64 with a 14.4 baud modem with an external 5 ¼ floppy drive chatting on a B.B.S.; seems today’s technology has only made us lazy when it comes to learning. I had to use the library and encyclopedias and other books to write my reports; now it’s all cut and paste.  Speaking of lazy, how about this little fact from our local School District which is good until grade eight. Student’s assignments can be handed in at any time in the school year. So if you got an assignment in September you can work on it and hand it in to your teacher in June AND NOT FAIL! The teacher can dock marks for it being late but he/she cannot give you an F. And holy hell if you dare take marks off for a paper that is handed in months after it was DUE! Love to see that kid in his/her future job: “Where is the Henson report Dick/Jane?” “Oh, no worries boss I’ll get it to you soon enough…” Let’s see how long that kid has a job. There are reasons for due dates people, it teaches time management and responsibility.  I have conversations with store managers shaking their heads at the youth of today who don’t care if they are late to work, who don’t even show up for work or call in sick. Hell, there are kids who don’t even show up for their FIRST day on the job.  I don’t know what has spurred on this attitude of ignorance, lack of responsibility and self-entitlement.

I might not have had a ruler across the knuckles like my mom back in the day, but I had a few teachers that would slam a meter stick down on their desk to gain the classes attention. But one can’t do that sort of thing now a day, might traumatize the kids. I spent many years in martial arts, and I’m thinking my kids will be going in to something along those lines for the simple fact that it teaches Discipline & Respect. If I was late to the Dojo that was disrespecting my Sensei and his time; so I would not be allowed to take class that day. Why can kids wander into class late every day?  Why can parents arrive late in picking up their kids? Do you not respect the teacher’s time?

I review a good number of the comments being made on the BC Teacher Strike on the news sites and other blogs. I see all the calls to “Fire them All!”, “Crush the Union!” and “Holding our children’s future hostage!” Guess what? You are holding my kids futures hostage as well as holding my wife’s job, income and workers’ rights hostage. The “hostage” term can be used both ways people. If Bill 22 passes and the BC government continues on this path of striping workers’ rights and bargaining rights what type of job market are my kids and your kids going to grow up in?

How about the fines that are being leveled in Bill 22? How many teachers are going to have to claim Bankruptcy or have to take out loans to cover costs if this is implemented? We might be able to balance the BC budget if we fine others in the general work force for not doing their jobs, or not showing up for work. This is strictly a scare tactic and a union busting device being used by the BC Government.

(1) An employee, the BCTF or an officer of the BCTF or of a local of the BCTF or a representative of the BCTF or of a local of the BCTF, who contravenes section 3 (1) (b), (c) or (e), as the case may be, commits an offence and is liable to the following:

(a) in the case of an employee, a fine amount of NOT MORE than $475 for each day on which the offence occurs;

(b) in the case of the BCTF, a fine amount of NOT LESS than $1.3 million for each day on which the offence occurs;

(c) in the case of an officer of the BCTF or of a local of the BCTF or a representative of the BCTF or of a local of the BCTF, a fine amount of NOT LESS than $2 500 for each day on which the offence occurs.

Notice something? Teachers can be fined UP to $475 per day. So that could be $0 – $475 a day? Union and Union representatives will be fined a MINIMUM of $2500 and $1.3Million a day which means they could actually be fined MORE than that per day? Hum, who here thinks that the Union is not a target in this Bill? If you work for any other Union in the province you might want to pay attention because I’m sure this will be going out to all of you in the future as your contracts come due. Hope your kids don’t plan on getting a union job in the future or following in your footsteps.

Well that’s enough of a rant for the moment…I’m sure as this progresses I will have more to say…

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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