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One Man’s opinion on the BC Teachers Strike…UPDATE

Who wants to see what Bill 22 – 2012 EDUCATION IMPROVEMENT ACT is all about? The document can be found here: http://www.leg.bc.ca/39th4th/1st_read/gov22-1.htm I will post more after I get a chance to read this thing…

Geez, I get past the Definitions to run right into this Cluster F***:

Application of Labour Relations Code

2  (1) The Code and the regulations made under it apply in respect of a matter to which Division 2 or 3 applies, but if there is a conflict or an inconsistency between Division 2 or 3 and those enactments, Divisions 2 and 3 apply.

(2) The Labour Relations Board has exclusive jurisdiction to decide a question arising under Division 2 or 3, including any question of a conflict or an inconsistency referred to in subsection (1).

So basically what I am reading here is that; if anything within Division 2 or 3 is considered against the law under the Labour Relations Code the LRC laws are null & void.

What a way to start a contract, also wondering how they can back date a contract to July 2011, sure that was the end of the last contract but that means teachers pretty much loose a year. and in 2013 this starts all over again.

Hey look at that, Bill 22 gets to play with Class sizes…

(B) deleting Article D.2 entitled “K-3 Primary Class Size”, – Free Daycare for everyone! We can pack the little ones in like Sardines, I mean really how much can they learn in those classes, may as well just hire a babysitter and wait till they get to a real grade to teach them…oh wait, we have something on that as well in this Bill…

(2.1) Subject to subsection (2.4), a board must ensure that the class size of any class for any of grades 4 to 12 in any school in its school district does not exceed 30 students unless

(a) in the opinions of the superintendent of schools for the school district and the principal of the school, the organization of the class is appropriate for student learning, or

(b) the class is in a prescribed category of classes.

So what we got here is if there is a really good reason for the class to be bigger than 30 kids we can make it happen. In the mean time Grades 4-12 can be 30 kids per class. Maybe we should set 10 minutes per kid a day so that they can have some one on one time with the teacher, because I really see teachers having the time to deal with that many kids educational problems on a daily basis.

at this rate I might need to start a new post on this BS…

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

  1. I have to say
    April 12, 2012 at 11:46 PM

    I absolutely agree that BCTF (British Columbia Teacher’s Federation) is asking something very unreasonably.
    First, they don’t have good reason to ask for 15% salary increase. Comparing with other career, teacher’s salary is already very competitive. Actually, I know some of people having chosen to be teachers for their attractive salary and benefits. If teachers say that they did not get enough pay, they can choose other careers, why not? Second. It’s very difficult for Parents to believe the reason that BCTF is asking for small size of class is for the benefit of children rather than themselves. If they do care about children in their school, how could they took lots of action, such as strike, cancelling school report card and parent meetings … without considering what kind of negative impact on their students, especially those students who are preparing their university application packages. Do these grade 11 and grade 12 students deserve to be treated irresponsibly by their teachers? Moreover, if their educators are so caring about their own benefits and salary, how could we expect them to educate their student to be more responsible for the society? Also, do teachers really know what they are asking? If they need cut class size, it means that the government needs to hire more teachers and at the same time need pay more than 15% more for all teachers. Do they figure out how the BC government can make this happen? By printing new money issued by BC government? If teachers do care about children, they should ask for 15% less salary to help the BC government to hire more teachers rather than more money and less work!
    I don’t really think that BCTF can represent all teachers. I have friends who are teachers and told me lots of teachers would not ask for more money if BCTF did not promote the idea. The reason the BCTF could always get supports from teachers is that everybody loves more money. On the other hand, BCTF does nothing to measure the teachers’ performance. One of my friends, who is an Asian teacher working for Vancouver school board, told me that, very few teachers here are really as much responsible as Asian teachers do to their students in Asian. So what’s matter if a BC teacher does less for his/her students? In the same way, BC teachers can always ask more money and do less job since, except students who have never been asked for their feedbacks, nobody really knows how teachers are doing their jobs..

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