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Day 25: Journal of an unemployed bum at home…

Well a few more resumes sent out today, and tomorrow is the 2nd job interview that has been postponed numerous times. So I have my pants and shirt and tie pressed & hanging ready to go for the morning; Fingers Crossed.

I think the biggest issue I am finding locally is the lack of full time positions available. If I want to work part time, minimum wage with no benefits or even better for commission only,  I have a plethora of choices open to me. But that is not what I need; what I need just like anyone else out there is a permanent full-time position with a decent wage & benefits with room to grow with the company. I did find a rather nice posting for a government job but it required moving around during ones career and well that is not really viable either as I don’t want to get the kids settled into a school then have to pull them a few years later. As time progresses I may need to take a job that has me away from home for a number of days with a few days back, but will cross that bridge when I am closer to the end of my severance package. I have put a few resumes out towards that end but so far have been getting the “sorry, we are not hiring at this moment”, or “you require these certifications to be considered” email replies. I have checked on course availability & costs locally and it does not look good for me getting them anytime soon.

I had a another call from my old boss seeing how the job hunt was going, so far he is having as much luck as me; add in the fact that his location hampers the job market with most of the posted jobs to be found on the mainland. He also informed me of the demise of another one of the old sales team, what really sucks is that they just came back to work after being off for a while: “Hey there, welcome back we missed you, now please choose Option A or B.” – Ouch.  The remainder of the old team are out east this week for meetings on the new sales structure. I will have to call the other area rep and see how he is handling the changes so far and what is coming down from head office this week. It’s week 4 since I was laid-off and I am still finding out that my stores have not been informed. Wonder how my out of town independents are doing; they possibly just think I am not bothering to call on them…wonderful.

Visited the local Venture website to get a list of the major employers in the area so will be dropping more resumes off even though they have no posted jobs on any of the sites. Will have to hit the dollar store for more manila envelopes, and charge up the copy card. Hopefully my resume will not hit File 13 once they are dropped off.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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