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Book Review: Shadow Ops: Control Point – by Myke Cole

I am not normally someone that would do a book review on my blog for many reasons, here are a few:

  • Because I am not a professional book reviewer
  • Because I am not that eloquent of a writer
  • Because I am just your average Joe book reader that no one knows
  • and too many others to list here…

But I feel the need to write something about Myke Coles’ Debut novel Shadow Ops: Control Point.

I came across Myke Cole on twitter through following author Peter V. Brett writer of The Demon Cycle Series (an amazing series in it-self so go buy it). So Mr.Cole can blame him for having me as a follower now. As of late I have been trying to go digital on my books purchases in an effort to stop having boxes upon boxes of books piling up in my home. But I have been having some issues with my tablet and the e-reader programs so have begun buying paperbacks again. If you follow my blog you are aware that I have recently been laid off work so my book buying has taken a back seat in an effort to save some cash. Stuck at home being an unemployed bum has given me far too much time to sit online. But this allowed me to be online when Peter V. Brett tweeted a link for a contest on his website; the prize was a copy of Shadow Ops: Control Point along with a signed book plate and challenge coin. Lucky me I was the first to answer the question correctly.

The prize pack arrived on Feb 14th containing the book, personalized signed book plate and a very nice challenge coin. I was surprised at the size and weight of the coin; I’m wondering if they will make a few of the SOC units as stand-alone challenge coins in the future for purchase. (Hint, hint)

In the first hour of reading I found myself 150 pages into the novel as I was pulled into the story and cast of characters but eventually had to put the book down and go to sleep. The evening of the 15th I was able to finish the novel with a desire to read more right away. I hope the publisher is looking to have this as a long running series versus a finite trilogy. I believe there is unlimited longevity for the series based upon the characters and the world created.

So if I haven’t bored you to death yet and you haven’t searched for something else to view on the web let’s get to the story…

The series centers on Lieutenant Oscar Britton living in a world that has suddenly awakened to find that Magic has returned. Every major world and/or military power has created their own Special Forces teams that use these new found magical powers. For Britton he is attached to the US military’s Supernatural Operations Corps – or SOC.

Those that have magical powers are considered Latent. If you do not report your powers to the government and make ill use of them you are a Selfer (only caring about your-self and endangering others) which will have you tracked down by the SOC and arrested or eliminated. As with anything the governments of the world have decided what “Good” magic is and what is “Bad”. Those whose latency is found on the negative side of the magical coin are classified as “Probes” short for Prohibited.

Magical classifications are as follow:

Legal Schools:                                  Prohibited Schools:

Pyromancy – Fire Magic                    Negramancy – Black Magic/Witching

Hydromancy – Water Magic              Necromancy – Death Magic

Terramancy – Earth Magic                Portamancy – Gate Magic

Aeromancy – Air Magic                      Sentient Elemental Conjuration

Physiomancy – Body Magic

Prohibited Practices:

Terramantic Animal Control (Whispering)

Offensive Physiomancy (Rending)

This new world’s morality is brought into question right from the beginning of the book with an operation to take down two “selfers” on a rampage at a local high school. Internal and external conflicts arise regarding the use of force and the actions of team leaders. Britton struggles with the results and questions the chain of command.

Britton later manifests a prohibited latency; not in control of his new powers he has a number of incidents that make him a target of the SOC and is classified as a selfer. Captured, he enters into a world conspiracy theorists can only dream about. Secret bases, secret SOC teams, and confronted by the abuse of power that surrounds him Britton must make numerous ethical choices. Britton is forced daily to deal with the consequentialism theory: Do the means justify the end? Driven by his morals to do what is right for those around him and to escape his future role as a classified weapon, Britton goes rouge.

His efforts to escape lead him to make some monumental decisions that have both good and tragic ramifications for himself and those around him. Death & destruction are common place. The old idiom: Absolute power corrupts absolutely is prevalent in this new world of magic. The characters Fitzy and Harlequin are prime examples of the corruption that can occur.

Myke Cole leads the reader through his newly created world and those who inhabit it via highly detailed and action packed storytelling that draws the reader in wondering what will happen next. Coles’ own military background allows for seamless integration of procedures and terminology that only adds to the flow of the story. Character interactions could almost be classified as bi-polar as philosophies change over the course of their internment at the training center and subsequent battle engagements they take part in. I could elaborate on the “secrets” mentioned before but I leave that to the reader to discover. Let’s just say there are numerous exciting twists both in plot and world creation that will come out of left field for the reader.  This book encompasses multiple writing genres smoothly integrated into a cohesive novel which should appeal to many different readers.

I await the next book in the series to see what becomes of Oscar Britton and those that were pulled along with him. Does he have the internal fortitude to live with his choices?

What are you waiting for?…go buy the book already!

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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