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Day 14 + 15 and a bit of 16: Journal of an unemployed bum at home…

So being that it was the weekend there is not much to report, not that there is much to report on any other given day so far.

I did have an impromptu interview on Friday and was told to try and keep Monday free, 10:30am and still no call back…I might be out of work, but I can’t sit by the phone all day.

I have come to the rapid conclusion that me at home and not working is very bad for the waistline (not that me at home is ever good for it). Sure the failure was buying the box of cookies in the first place; but then it just turned into the following over the course of 2 days. Walk into kitchen to wash dishes or some other task: “Oh, I’ll have a cookie…”. 10-20 minutes later back into the kitchen: “Oh, I’ll have a cookie…”. An hour later: “Oh, I’ll have a cookie…”


So today being the start of Week 3 with no job seems a tad surreal. I am doing some more of the basic tasks around the house today in case the district manager decides to call about that job. I also went and bought a few books over the weekend to keep myself busy. Since I normally can read a paperback in a day when undisturbed I am reading very slowly as to make them last.

Being home and on the computer far too much has allowed me to win a copy of Myke Coles’ debut novel: Shadow Ops: Control Point , I am waiting for its arrival along with a Challenge Coin he has created for the book. From the reviews it sounds like I will be in for an exciting read. From what I gather from his site and online book reviews if this was a video game title it would be Dungeons & Dragons* – Modern Warfare 4*. (*titles copyright of their respective owners) The modern world wakes to find that old world magic has returned and that such power tends to corrupt.  So many of the world powers create their own military versions of Super­nat­ural Oper­a­tions Corps, and let the mayhem begin.  On a side note I wonder how his Meme is coming along… Check out Myke Cole on twitter or read his blog which you can find via the included link above.

Other than that my stint of being unemployed continues, hoping this will not drag on much longer, severance package or not…

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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