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Day Seven: Journal of an unemployed bum at home…

Wow, Day 7 is really late…

But yesterday was rather busy and so was this morning. If you are following this blog then you know the morning routine already, if not, it is kids to preschool, then emails and job search’s, etc. I received a letter of reference from one of my store managers via email so I dropped it into Word and got it ready for his signature, looks like I will have to wait till next week to get that completed though as Friday is spoken for. Sent off a few more resumes and then contacted my old co-worker so that we could set a time to meet to get everything together for the WHL Hockey Game the company was sponsoring last night. My old co-worker is a great guy but he has one major flaw, he is always late…stressing the word ALWAYS.

After a few errands out and about I returned home to start on the next round of the Honey-Do-List from my wife, one item was to remove a string of lights that she had placed on top of the kitchen cupboards years ago (no clue why). While up there I noticed how dusty and dirty the cupboards were so after getting the lights put away I pulled out the soap and water and washed all the cupboard exteriors down. I also emptied a number of them and washed all the items inside before re-stocking the cupboards. I had to stop cleaning as I drained the hot water tank with all the dish washing.

Kids had to get ready early for one of their weekly activities so I started dinner early so they could be on their way.

So, my old co-worker finally gets into town around 5:10 pm, after getting called for directions to my place he calls again about 15 minutes later from the local store where we need to start picking things up for the night’s event as he can’t find my place. So I hop into my vehicle and go and meet him at the store, load up his car with the samples and give-away items and then take him to my old work storage locker to get some display material. We grab a number of things to dress up the tables and such at the event and head on down to the rink. By this time it is 5:59pm rink staff wanted us there between 5:30 – 5:45. We get into the parking lot and start carrying everything into the rink, this takes a few trips. We get everything set up and ready when my co-worker remembers that he left his phone charging at the store. As he does not live in town he asks me to go get it for him as I know where to go. So off I run, giving up my parking space on a very busy game night. It was extremely busy as we found out upon arrival at the rink due to the fact that Gordie Howe AND the Grey Cup were in the house for a tour; alas no picture of me with either Gordie or the Cup. So I drove back to the store and picked up his phone and some items for the team mascot to toss out to the kids that we forgot on the first round. Everything in hand I headed back, only to have to park many blocks away and walk back with everything. During the time I was gone a number of things scheduled for later in the night were bumped up to make way for Gordie Howe. So we are sitting there, answering questions, getting people to enter in for a team jersey giveaway and dealing with the promotion staff when I realized that we forgot something else… Being that I had been laid off I had stored the prize gift cards for our on ice competition with all the work stuff in the locker; so to add to the nights cluster-F*@& I had to leave again and go pick them up. After getting back, again, I was able to see what’s happening with work and how everyone else is doing with the changes. So far it’s still too early for lots of the staff to get their heads around things and they hope the meetings later this month will clear things up. One weird thing I found out is normally when someone leaves an email is sent out letting all the staff know not to call or email that person anymore… there has been no email on me yet. Nor have all my old stores been called to let them know that I am no longer calling on them and that there will not be anyone in the near future.  All my local stores are aware because, well, I’m local; but I guess it is not my problem anymore for everyone out of town and I’m not taking on that long distance phone bill to call them all.

While I was away on cluster fixing duty; Gordie Howe did his thing with the team and lucky winners from the crowd. The Grey Cup was running late so they came on ice near the end of the second intermission. A few of the BC Lions and the Grey Cup got to lap the rink in 3 Mercedes to show off the Cup and toss a few BC mini footballs. The final car of the three happened to be a 2012 Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster, I popped online to see the price today…starting at, and yes that’s right…STARTING at $217,000. That is one hell of a down payment on a HOUSE! Damn those Bleeding 1 percent and all their toys.

So the game was almost over by the time the event staff called the winner of our jersey giveaway and even later for the winner to come to the booth and claim their prize. So the night I thought would end quickly lasted the entire duration. The winner was at least a season ticket holder but had never spent the money for a jersey, so a good win for them. Also a local college student won the 50/50 draw; she was just shaking with excitement. My old co-worker suggested a trip to Mexico and she vehemently stated that it would be paying her tuition.

I got home after giving my co-worker the directions to get out of town; I was not really in the mood to work on the drawing so I called it an early night.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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