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Day Six: Journal of an unemployed bum at home…

Well it appears that the trend will be recapping the day before on the morning of the next…

Blah, Blah, Blah kids to preschool, normal morning routine. I did some laundry so I could be seen in public. Realized that if and when I ever get called for a job interview I will have LOTS of shirts & ties so I look presentable (thanks old job). The comment that my phone will ring off the hook once I posted my resume onto Monster and Workopolis has been proven wrong in my opinion; but I do get the daily emails of local jobs, but alas nothing.

It is only day 3 of my first full week off work and I am already sick of day time TV.  I am one of those people that require some form of background noise when working or puttering around the house, TV, music, news radio something. But I had to shut off the TV yesterday because I could feel myself getting dumber from the mindless drivel that makes up daytime TV. I really am starting to think that shows like Judge Judy, Peoples Court and such things are only on TV so that the rest of the population can sit down and go: “Man, at least I’m not as stupid as that guy/girl.” Really? You don’t think you should pay for the car accident because the plaintiff was stupid enough to give you the keys? Power – OFF! At least the neighbor was busy with some home improvements so it gave me an excuse to crank up the music library on the computer in an attempt to drown the noise out.

I went out to see a store manager about a reference as he was away for meetings only to find out that he was now off sick. Will keep going back as he is definitely someone I want on that list. While at the store I had two job offers, but I really am holding out for something more than minimum wage until it is really becomes necessary. It is funny in a way, this is the second store this week that I visited that offered me work. I guess the fact that I was in the stores on the appointed days and times and did what I was required to do and most times more than required left a mark. The store that has the game night tonight had a number of people comment on the fact that it was amazing that I was still helping my old company and co-worker with the event after being laid-off. I just say to them that there really are no hard feelings; yes it sucks, but no point burning bridges. Sure I could be going ballistic; “How could they, I have a wife, I have kids” etc…etc… But in the end this stuff happens, I don’t agree with it, but in the end I just need to find something else and move on. I keep getting the old line: “This is possibly the best thing that happened to you!” will see…

I was going to head out to the mine today, but according to the highway website the road is closed…dang. One thing about having kids is the fact that the house does not stay clean long, so will take care of some of cleaning, again. Have a growing Honey-do-List which I keep scratching things off only to find more the next day…I have to hide all the pens & pencils in the house. Other than that it will be back to searching the job sites and applying to anything that I can that looks viable. I will be helping out with the game tonight, so I can get more info on what else is happening on the old job front. I owe, I owe but alas no work to go…

On the plus side I think I have the girl coloured on the next Pin-up tonight or maybe later today I will see about starting on the plane.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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