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Day Four + Day Five: Journal of an unemployed bum at home…

Day Four:

Well I pretty much stuck with the plan for the weekends, as I normally had them off I would not do much in the way of keeping a log of the events; suffice to say the family did the normal weekend adventures to keep the kids active and entertained.

Day Five:

Day five began as every morning does getting the kids off to preschool. This is the start of my first full week off work,  it was also the first time (other than holidays) that I did not start my week by doing the Monday morning phone calls to clients. This was a big thing, because for the last 6 years I had to start each week calling into what is normally classed in business as a “hostile client”. Every Monday would be a stress point that would start each and every week off on the wrong foot. So it was nice to sit back after getting the kids off to preschool with a coffee and watch the morning news instead. Around 9:00am I started prepping dinner to toss into the slow cooker. Hint for those using a slow cooker: For easy clean-up spray it with some non-stick cooking spray. Was doing a nice & easy pineapple chicken recipe, but I think I might up the level of teriyaki sauce the next time I make it. I then completed adding my resume onto Workopolis & Monster as well as a site that recruits for the Oil Fields. After that I hopped into the car and headed off to finally getting my resume printed and meeting up with a few more people who had offered to be references for me to finalize their contact information.

As we had a appointment for one of the kids later that afternoon at the house, I popped back in around noon to dust and vacuum the place and tidy up in general. One thing about having a slow cooker running is that you come home to the wonderful smell of dinner. It’s great that you can come home and not have to rush around like a chicken with its head cut-off at the end of a work day trying to slap a meal together last minute. As a family we are eating far less processed food so far this year, and that might be a resolution we can stick with. I also came home with 3 nice pork roasts for use in the slow cooker, wonder if I can get the kids to eat a nice BBQ pulled pork sandwich. I also was able to cross off a few things on the ongoing to-do list. After cleaning and lunch I went back out to some of my old stores in town to say thank-you for all the years working together. My wife as picking up the kid for the appointment and I was to get the other one after the appointment was completed. Unfortunately the person they were to meet up with did not show-up, or call to let us know that she was not going to make it. So I got a phone call that it was okay to go get kid #2 early from preschool. We had dinner, I checked a few other job sites, then got off the computer so my wife could do her work.

I went off to start the colouring of my BF109-G Pin-up which I inked the night before. Bit of a slow start on this one as I was having some issues getting a good enough colour match on the girl’s uniform to that of the reference photos. But I think I got it now and have the layering of colours worked out, I just have to remember to start with the blue.

Since this is posting on Day 6 you know how my morning has already begun, recapping yesterday…I really did not think I would be this busy, and still no nap.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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