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Day Two: Journal of an unemployed bum at home…

Today was not unlike yesterday, got the kids to preschool. Did a few phone calls relating to work, asked them to get me a price on the SUV, if it’s fair we might see about buying it, only if we can afford the extra car payment. Updated the resumes I had online with the new one, and checked the online Job sites no real change from yesterday. Before leaving I fired up the robot-vacuum, don’t know how long it is going to last, didn’t seem to get much done this round. I then went to see some of my old stores that I called on to speak with the Owners & Store Managers. Many had told me that if I ever needed a reference to give them a call, well I called. I got one new one, but alas all the other managers are out of town at their own restructuring meetings…Dun, Dun, Dun…they might need my reference upon their return.

Then it was off to the local hockey rink to run an errand to help out my old co-worker who now all of a sudden needs to take over my sponsor’s game night for the local WHL team. I will be meeting up with him next Wednesday to help him set-up and meet everyone he needs to know. No, I am not doing it for any favor to the company I just got laid-off from, I’m doing it as a favor to a friend I worked with for years. After picking up the tickets I ran them up to the store to be dispersed to the staff. I talked to the store manager on the phone while there and brought him up to speed for the game night. While chatting it seems he has a bit of an “in” with someone at the local Mine, so when he gets back he will send my resume in via the backdoor. Fingers crossed…While at the store I picked up a few things for dinner and headed back to the house to make some breakfast, it seems I keep missing that meal in the morning.

No sooner had I arrived back home that I receive a call from my wife informing me that one of the kids needs to be picked up from preschool due to complaints of a headache & mild temperature. So off I go again, get the munchkin, get her home, check temp, give some Advil and as it was her nap time put her to bed. She slept longer than I thought but that only showed she was over tired and needed the rest. My Darling wife came home with munchkin #2 and so I started making dinner. The issue with the munchkin made us conclude that I needed a cell so we found my wife’s old cell phone (which still has minutes on it) so I now have a mobile point of contact ( How old is it? It’s so old that it’s just a phone. You get calls in, you call out, no camera, no flip, no web, no keyboard…NO ANYTHING!) I waited till after dinner while my wife showered the kids to go out and get new printer ink so I could finally print my new resume. I’ll head over to Staples in the morning to make numerous copies.

Somewhere I need to find time for a nap…

I have the next drawing on the board for colouring but pencil crayons are still in the box, maybe I’ll get some time next week; that is if my dumb mind doesn’t stop whispering on how cool it would be to draw this other idea rattling around in my mind…Alas, if only I could make a living listening to music and drawing, but I know I’m not that good.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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