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Day One: Journal of an unemployed bum at home…

Well, I completed my final call with the boss this morning after the kids were taken to preschool. Packed up the work laptop, phone, printer and credit card and shipped it to Head Office. Got some grocery shopping done, got the old printer installed but looks like we need new ink cartridges as I can’t get them to clean enough. Rough redo of resume sent off to family member to tweak, now I think I will make some Breakfast (its 1pm)…Who knew being an unemployed bum would be so busy…Might have to leave the house cleaning till tomorrow…

Came home from my errands to find a message from a Head Hunter Company, called them back but the agent was not in, so I left a message. Fielded a number of calls from co-workers wondering what the deal was and why I chose to leave than stay on at reduced levels. At least I have references available from my old boss and the Western Canada boss so that all goes into the job hunting tool box.

Next on the list was preparing one of tonight’s dinner items. Who ever thought cooking with Quinoa was a good idea should be taken out back somewhere and beaten! soak, rinse, rinse again, cook on high, but change to low real quick…WTF? Chopped up the vegetables and made the dressing from scratch so in the end the Quinoa salad is made and in the fridge soaking up all those good flavors. I doubt the kids will eat it so it is lucky that I got the BOGO cordons today at the store. I need a nap…have not had much sleep in the last few nights dreading the meeting that occurred yesterday.

I was able to vacuum before my wife and kids got home, clean floors lasted about 2 minutes from their arrival. I think our iRobot Roomba is lucky that it can not feel the disappointment of having its work destroyed so quickly…

Dinner completed and dishes washed as my darling wife got the kids to bed.

Next task was rather strange, I spent a very long time washing a bunch of parsley, then pulling off the leaves, drying those leaves on a baking dish then placing it all into the freezer to package later.

If this is how day one has gone I need to find a new job very quickly…

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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