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Rampage Unleashed…

So whether this will be a stroke of genius or utter stupidity only time will tell. I have pulled the old Norco Rampage from the storage locker to bike to the gym. I took the bike to the local bike shop that was recommended to me Spoke’N’Motion and got it back on Wednesday (Great service and prices). After picking up a few things for the bike like a new helmet and ordering in some new LED headlights (still to arrive); I ventured onto the mean streets for the trek to the gym.

All I can say after 5 or 6 years of not riding a bike anywhere would be…Hills…BAD!…VERY BAD…VERY, VERY BAD!

I’m not talking about big hills; I am just talking about some rather small, slow uphill grades. Needless to say my choice of gears and the state of my legs were far from competent for the task, it was a slow grind. Hopefully this will get better with time; but I made it there and back in one piece. And I am proud to say that I only had to walk the bike about the last block home; as I just didn’t have enough in the tank after a full workout & swim, and one long slow bleeding hill home. (I remember having to bike to the gym uphill both ways…dang you whippersnapper…)

I’m sure this will be a fair weather event as I have never been one to go biking in the rain or foul weather. But it should add a bit more variety to the workouts in the long run. And maybe I can stretch things out further a field as I get my biking legs back under me.

Now I just need make sure I don’t add to the accident tallies, those being hit by 4 cars and getting caught in the turbulence of a passing semi and being bounced off the trailer into the curb…

I need to knock on some freaking wood now, does a particle board desk count as wood…Knock…Knock…Knock…Hope that works…

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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