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New Toy for me…

So I finally got back from Calgary and rushed over to the post office to pick up my new Android tablet. I let it fully charge over night and started checking out the unit this morning. So far the only glitch I am finding is that the SD Card is not listing its full GB size for some reason, checking a few sites for possible fixes. But I am liking the user interface and the size is nice, glad I did not get the 10″ version. A nice feature over an iPad 1 or 2 (other than being 1/2 the price) is having an SD card for storage of games, books and apps, also being able to run Flash 10.2 for web browsing. Running 20GB between onboard storage and Mini SDHC card.

Will see how it fares in the next few weeks, but so far so good…(knocking on wood now so not to jinx it.) Have to finish Steven Erikson’s – The Crippled God before I move on to using the tablet for my reading, but have downloaded the software for reading and buying books online now.

The scary part is that this thing is more powerful than my work laptop and mom’s home computer.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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