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Happy New Year….grumble, grumble, grumble.

So, as I am sure many of you that know me are already aware of my wonderful night for New Years Eve. For those that are not aware here comes the fun…

Thursday morning I started the day off with breaking my toe on a bag of stuff that my D.W. had placed in the hallway, so limping around for the rest of the day I figured it was safer to crawl into bed and fire up the laptop and do some things online after the kids were in bed. Soon my D.W. pokes her head around the door frame and asks if I would like some popcorn. I agreed and shut down the TV as the wireless transmitter does not like the microwave and causes a loss of picture and nasty audio. Once done she provides me with a small bowl and goes back to her school work. Later that night both of us are not feeling that grand and so I chalk my discomfort up to bad microwave popcorn and spend the rest of the night with severe stomach pain. The next morning I am still feeling like crap and would figure that if it was food poisoning I should be nauseated. I did manage to puke after poking my stomach in the wrong spot and triggering a nasty pain response. So my darling D.W. heads out to see if she can get me on the wait-list at the clinic, I soon get a phone call to get my butt down there right away as they will squeeze me in. Doctor proceeds to poke and prod and does not like the responses she is getting. Next stop the Lab to get blood work with a note to the lab that results need to be sent in right away to the clinic so that she can check them and call me. Around 1pm we get a call from the doctor that my white blood count is through the roof and need to go to emergency, she has called a head to get the surgeon on call to check me out. unfortunately he is in the O.R. and not available right away so in the mean time the emergency room doctor checks me out, gets the lab report and books me for Ultrasound. The doctor comes back in about an hour later and with no warning jabs me in the gut, I jump on the table and tears come to my eyes and I do my best not to slug the guy. Soon after D.W. is laughing like crazy on the sidelines as she noticed that he was going to do it but did not have a chance to warn me. She then proceeded to think it would be good to jab me now and then for any past offences that I may/or may not have committed. (love ya to baby) Next I am hooked up to an I.V. and sitting in the holding room waiting for my bladder to fill up for the ultrasound. While sitting there I get into a conversation with another patient, near the end I find out that he use to live in PR and graduated with my brother, small world, he was not there when I got back from my ultrasound that showed a very enlarged appendix. Around 7pm (got there around 1:30pm, grumble) I got admitted and sent up stairs to the pediatric ward of all places (many nurse jokes of take this young man up to the ward, grumble).  Arrive up there and nurse tells me that I most likely will not get in for surgery till morning, less than 10 minutes later I am called to the O.R. and I.V. pole in hand I walk down with the nurse, which I guess is not normal. I am given the option of one last chance at the bathroom or having a catheter shoved someplace it should never be shoved so I take Option #1 for the win Bob. Around 8pm I am drugged and out on the table and wake up in recovery around 10pm call the D.W. and let her know that I was done and doing okay. I complained to the nursing staff in recovery that they didn’t do the Liposuction that I requested in the O.R., like come on, they have all the holes made get the tube in there and suck out the fat while you’re at it. Then I did my normal wave, fall back and pass out that seems to be my thing after surgery to re-awaken later in the ward. I got 3 holes in me in some odd spots nowhere near the appendix, but they got it out without it rupturing but from what I heard it was dang close.

My roommate in the ward did not have a good night as he was having a nasty reaction to the anesthetic and spent the night coughing and throwing-up, lovely sounds and smells for a restful evening, not. He also really liked his morphine as he was buzzing for more as much as he could. Me I think I had 2 doses of morphine and then they stuck me on normal T3’s as that would be all I was to get for recovery at home. So I got to call for a ride home around 9am and after getting settled in here and typing this out I will now shut down for a bit of a nap (really wish I could have a shower as I smell like hospital).

I am really hoping that 2011 goes better for me because 2010 was not the greatest.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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