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Yeah Broken Me…

Neck X-Rays…

So after 4 weeks of constant pain and dull throbbing I have been able to get to the doctor to see what the issue is with my left arm, shoulder, neck. Ran through a number of tests both motion and strength and sensation.  Looks like we have ruled out Rotator Cuff damage as I have full motion. But looks like I am leaning towards some other damage hence the X-Rays. Also got some pills that should let me get through the night without too much pain but nothing really for daytime as they will make me too groggy. So will see what happens from here, possible pinched nerve or bone spurs or a bad disk according to the doc. On the one side of this he feels that I can go back to the gym as long as I am aware that my left side is far weaker so I will have asymmetric power when lifting (so I might drop a bar bell on my head next).


Have finished book one and two of  Brotherhood of the Griffon by Richard Lee Byers, will have to wait a bit for book 3. So I started a new book: The Light of Burning Shadows: Book two of the Iron Elves series by Chris Evans. A new author with a rather creative twist on the old-fashioned Wizards/Fantasy novel, Chris Evans is Canadian as well, though living in New York. I find the world created within his novels to be a mix of earth history and fantasy, in a way it reminds me of the work done by Naomi Novak and her Temeraire Series.

Pictures from the road…

So I had a bit a wait while on the road to Revelstoke this morning as road crews were cleaning up a small avalanche. No pics of the avalanche, but I did try a few pics from the van. While waiting I checked the camera out and found a small setting that I had not seen before, widescreen. Here are two of the pictures, not that great on the vertical shot but I like the widescreen on the horizontal. Might try a widescreen Panoramic shot one of these days.

Click for larger images…

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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