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I’m Bleeding sick of being sick…

Drip, Drip, Drip goes my nose…

So, joy of joys, it seems I am still sick. Chest infection and cough are pretty much done and gone, now I am back to the freaking everyday cold. So back to the drugs, in an effort NOT to be a snot dripping, nose wiping, glass-eyed, mouth-breathing zombie of the sales world. Every night I turn into a mad scientist mixing one cold remedy with the next. You can get with this drug or you can get with that drug, in my case I get with them all. The Candy man can! I should be the poster child of How NOT to take your meds. But I run with the old school mantra, it hasn’t killed me yet. I hope to ingest enough cold and flu meds to dry out my nose so much that the Sahara desert gets jealous.

Extreme Weather Warning…

Seems we are currently in an extreme weather warning, high winds + Cold temps. Some snow now and then expected but mainly the deep freeze is on. The river on friday was flowing well, today I noticed it was pretty much frozen over.

Real Life Superheroes…

http://www.reallifesuperheroes.com/ an interesting website and interesting Biographies. People dressing up in costumes and trying to help their communities in many different ways. Some are more for fundraising and helping out the less fortunate to others that actually go after criminals. Reading a news report online led me to the website, one masked avenger was reported to be upgrading their costume with Body Armour after being stabbed. That is taking things rather far; not for the faint of heart it seems. The other issue with the Vigilante factor with the police from the article is that most of the criminals that they do catch or stop walk free due to the lack of a reliable witness since most of the crusaders want to remain anonymous. Even have one crusader from Vancouver BC.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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