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Not much Happening…

I have not posted in a few days so here are a few things that are rattling around in my old mind… 

Kids now a days…

We are currently trying to entice Little Miss A. into her big girl bed, alas so far it is no dice and luckily we have one of our travel cribs here as she will not sleep in her bed. She loves playing on the bed, but as to sleeping in it she has no desire. I think she is feeling a tad out in the open and prefers her crib walls to keep her in place as she rolls over now and then at night. But she best get use to it because the old crib is in pieces and at the storage locker, and her travel crib will have to go back to daycare.

Bringing the Pain…

I am still at the gym on a regular basis and all I can say at the moment is: Leg Workout + Treadmill = OUCH! Tad stiff after all that and my distance on the treadmill over the last two visits are down, not by much but still down.  Strength levels are still going up but as to the body shape and the hope of slimming down in appearance I am not seeing much if any change.

Old vs. New…

I found my old Palm Tungsten E and it still had my old workout program on there so I can record my gym visits and it is pretty easy to customize the program. For all of those out there too young to know what a Palm device is, it was the precursor in my opinion of your iPhones and other smart phones. All touch screen and icon driven too, and it even plays MP3’s. I was in the apple store the other day and was talking to one of the “geniuses” (term used very lightly) and was disappointed to hear that you can only use an SD card on an iPad for photos. not as extended memory. So if I was working on a text document I would have to email it somewhere to save it rather than just save it on the SD card. Really?, you mean my ancient Palm device has something up on the newest and greatest? I can store, music, pics, documents and even applications (which will be run from the SD card) but the new iPad and iTouch devices can’t (not that the iTouch even has an SD card for expansion). Ah well not a big thing, I think I will still be waiting on a number of things to buy mainly due to the fact that once you buy one they turn around and come out with something better. As an example they have a new version of the Kobo E-Reader that I was looking at earlier this year. But as I listened to the sales woman talking to a customer there was no point in buying the newest one either; as according to her there was a number of new items scheduled for release on the next version.


I have had a number of views at the site, no purchases but that was to be expected. What I didn’t think would be such an issue in today’s technology driven world is the difficulty in finding a local shop that can scan my art into digital format. Taking a picture of a piece is okay but it is far from perfect. best I can find is a local drafting company that can scan a max size of 11X16 at high-resolution. Maybe any new art work or drawings will have to be that size…lol.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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