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Danger Pay…

So I was snooping on MSN this morning when I ran across an article on the top 10 deadliest roads in Canada. So being on the road all the time I decided to check it out. Lucky, Lucky me…seems my Bi-weekly trip to Revelstoke BC lands me on deadly road #7. Guess it could be worse, at least it’s not #1.

Deadly Road #7

Photo: Bing Maps/Microsoft

Ever since the area became accessible to the public during the late 1880s, Rogers Pass in the middle of Glacier National Park, British Columbia, has been a popular spot for camping, hiking and mountain climbing. But getting there by car can be a dangerous proposition. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, responsible for patrolling the roads in that area of B.C., says the section of the Trans-Canada Highway between Sicamous and Rogers Pass, B.C. is dangerous due to the number of transport vehicles involved in fatal crashes.

Gym was good tonight with 4.53M completed on the Treadmill and I was able to push out a limited number of bench press reps at 250 lbs.

You all might have noticed a little button on the side called Imagekind -> It is a site that allows artist to post images that then can be bought and framed through the website with the artist retaining copyright on the images and getting paid; artists also get commission on the framing based on their level of participation. Right now I am just a free member as I am checking out the site. But rather neat as you can have images as prints, canvas etc… If I can get high-resolution images of my art work I can post it there too. I already know I need to boost my camera settings so I can get larger prints out of the site. But it is a learning process. But a neat service for artists trying to get out there and get a name for themselves.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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