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TGIF and other things…

And no I am not talking about the restaurant…

It was a short week work wise for me but all that ment was that I shoved all the stuff I was to do on Monday and Tuesday on top of the rest of the week. Lots of driving completed in 3 days and I am road tired. Many think it is easy to just drive from here to there all the time for work, but it can be draining mentally and physically when it is done over and over and dealing with other drivers. I did make it to the gym tonight and was able to squeak out 3.93M, heart and mind was in it but the old body said no go for anymore. Also ran long on the weight workout tonight with a few extra exercises, plus a few push-ups and decline push-ups once I got home (not something I do at the gym cause I suck at them and crunches/sit-ups; I’ll look a fool in the privacy of my own home thank you very much).

Other things…

Noticed that the local ghost cars and trucks are sporting rental car stickers on the bumpers. Note to the police: rental companies don’t tint the windows that dark and do not have all the extra “hidden” antenna’s and lights plastered on their cars. We know it is you…

Was a nice drive this morning and with it being fall and the old sun rising a little later in the morning out west here (I was hoping for that dawn lighting effect but to no avail) I decided to leave my camera on the passenger seat with the motivation to take a pic now and then on the drive. I pulled over for a quick pic in Falkland area. Click for a larger view. Was also playing with the macro setting on the camera while at Mom’s for Thanksgiving and thought the water drops really stand out well in the pics.


Other than that, kids seemed a tad over-tired today and made grumpy dwarf look like a saint, especially when it is two of them going off at the same time. Mrs. Smith was feeling a bit under the weather herself and went to bed before I left for the gym. Protein shake has been drunk and now it is time for a shower before bed.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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