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Back at it…

Well I have taken a few days off with Thanksgiving and my birthday but now back to the grind of work and the gym. Tonight had a nice distance total of 4.28M on the old treadmill, and keep pushing the weight limit on the bench press. Small reps at the moment but still good to get the weight up in the first place. Though I am thinking I may have to start in on some leg workouts, treadmill is good and all that but need something more. Unfortunately that will be a slow process as I need to keep my knees in working order. I am seeing more and more training groups working out at the gym as of late; don’t know if I would be paying a gym membership and having a personal trainer there as well, must be nice to be rich.

Was a busy day off as I tried to take care of some of the old Honey do List that Sophie drew up when she found out I had an extra day off, next time I don’t tell her…LOL…like that will happen.

Switched over to SHAW telephone this week as well and lowered our channel subscriptions. All we really need is Treehouse for the girls ’cause who has time to watch TV, will see how that goes. Just means another box plugged into the wall and the fact that we can not accept collect calls anymore. But from what I hear so far it seems a lot clearer in sound quality and caller ID is included. Also if you’re a SHAW phone user all calls are free to one another with their Shaw to Shaw Calling. We will test it for a while and maybe switch Mom over later as she might save some cash and just have one bill to pay.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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