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Gym and other stuff…

Showered and clean after another round at the gym. I am trying not to get to crazy with my treadmill workout but it seems every time I jump on there the farther I go. So today was a final distance of 4.28M, Mondays 4.21M and I have a 2 day total of 8.49M. Weights were not as good this night for some reason, needed a boost from a spotter on my shoulder press with a weight I do normally every visit. Ah well there be good days and bad days.

On other things…

Last year I received for my birthday a subscription to a health magazine as a small incentive to get back to the gym since I was paying for a membership that I was not using. I normally do not pay much attention to the style section but since the subscription has ended I am re-reading the magazines, going through the older mags. I pretty much had to take a second look when I read the prices for the items the models were wearing for the first time. Little leather bracelet, $220 USD , Belt $250 USD, Jeans $450 USD, t-shirt $90 USD (yup, a black t-shirt), Shoes $325 USD and to top it all off a leather jacket $6500 USD. Total $7835 USD. Do they honestly think that their everyday reader can afford all that? What they need to do is go down to Work Wear World, or Wal-Mart and put together an outfit for the average joe.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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