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Snippets Cont…

Crushed childhood memory: While in one of the many stores I call upon in my work life I noticed that Wagon Wheels were on sale. I decided to buy a box remembering back to the good old days around Halloween when Mom & Dad would buy a number of boxes to give out to the kids knocking at the door. Of course there was the constant threat from my brother and myself to have them eaten long before the little goblins arrived. Once home I opened the box to dive into their chocolate covered goodness only to find the darn things had been “Right Sized”; other wise known as charging you more for a lot less product. I have Hotwheels toys with bigger wheels, should change the name from Wagon Wheels to Mini Wheels. (Still going to eat them though…just not as satisfying when they are done in 2 bites.)

Salmon Run: Local salmon run continues in the area with a mass of dead fish floating on the lakes and rivers, so much free food that the scavengers are not even flocking to the areas, all are sitting somewhere with full bellies. Odd to drive beside a river or lake in the area and have fish jumping out of the water all the time, keep seeing them in my peripheral vision, I’m finding it a bit distracting as it’s not a normal occurrence.

Signals: Always a gripe of mine, but I think we need to set up a system to punish those that do not use turn signals. All cars have them now, USE them.  We are not psychic, we have no clue what you’re doing and need an indication so we can avoid issues. Double the punishment if you have a hissy fit at someone because they had no clue you wanted to turn. Maybe we should just take a hammer to your turn signals, if you’re not going to use them why have them? What do you think?

Reading: I finished Stephen King’s – Under The Dome, soon after my last snippets post. Amazing book, my only complaint was that the antagonist(s) seemed to be a last-minute thought, with little explanation, description and tossed in at the end of the book. 

Also completed James Wyatt’s – Dragon War, the final installment of the Draconic Prophecies series.

No new books on the go at the moment, having a bit of reading withdrawal.

Halloween Corn Maze’s: I have seen that a few of the local corn fields are being prepped for the Halloween season. Signs are going up advertising the upcoming maze’s. Wonder if anyone has done a Children of the Corn theme for their maze.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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