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Heard at the Gym: “Wow, check out that guy, he even has muscles in his neck.” Okay, you get hit in the head with a weight there sonny boy?

Quarantine all daycare’s: First week of daycare and kids are home sick as dogs, now dad is sick as well. I am sniffing Dristan like a cocaine addict, getting the shakes for the next squirt (daddy needs a dry nose, daddy needs a dry nose!). During the work day I am sucking Halls lozenges like a Suck for a Buck whore; and at night I am playing chemist mixing a number of night-time remedies and codeine laced cough syrup so that I can sleep.

Reading: Still rolling through Stephen King’s – Under The Dome, must say I had stepped away from his novels as I found them to be rather mass-produced in style and subject mater as of late. This one truly seems to harken back to the good old days. Many twists, many surprises, definitely one to pick up.

Long Gun registry: Canada needs to rethink this whole process, we need a registry, but with one tweak. ANY gun that is to be sold in this country should have a number of test firings, then have the shell casings forensically catalogued for barrel patterns and other identification markings and entered into a database. Once the weapon is sold a name is then automatically added to the weapon file; and as a bonus we would have a standing catalogue of shell casings to match to a crime scene right from the get go. Of course one could re-bore the gun or change barrels but that would be a sign that there was intent to deceive the system. Just a thought for those in Ottawa.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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