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BC Burning…

The area is awash in a sepia tinted haze. The pollution tinted sun hangs in the air in muted glory, unable to burn its way through the thick fog of smoke. Mountain vistas are marred within the veil that has been pulled over the landscape, the horizon lost amidst the grey. One’s throat becomes tender with each inhaled breath; the nagging tickle at the back grows stronger and stronger. Maybe a lozenge will temporarily dull the irritation. Stay within and close the windows for the very air you breathe is now hazardous. The flames burn hundreds of kilometers from this spot yet their touch is felt. The mantle of smoke knows no boundaries as it floats upon the ether. One wishes for the wind to carry the smoke away but one knows that will only create more in the end. Beware the ill wind for it stokes the inferno. Ruby dancers leap from treetop to treetop in an all-consuming dance. Extreme the province is classified this day, 70% ready to burn, be its ignition source natural or of man. Warnings are aplenty, yet those dull of mind still proceed with acts unwise, may retribution find them someday. Heroes are copiously placed along the frontlines of this battle; sadly some have fallen, be they remembered always. For those still battling this erratic imp of flame and devastation; be well and safe and thank you.


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