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Bumper Stickers and parking…

I have a nasty compulsion too have a number of bumper stickers made up that state: Over-compensating for shortcomings. At which point I want to plaster them on all the jacked-up and souped up cars and trucks here in town. I’m sorry, but if you need a step-stool to get in your truck you have an issue. And yes, before you ask I have seen people who have a stool tucked in behind the seat that they can grab to climb in. Sad. This leads into the next irksome item, people who take up 2-4 parking stalls so that no one else can park near their precious auto. Get a life, it’s a car. If I was a nasty S.O.B that would damage other people’s property…which I am not…your vehicle would be the target. As I said its a car…and even if it did get damaged that’s what insurance is for. I think that the malls should have the right to tow anyone that is taking up more than once space, don’t care how busy the mall is or if there are lots of spots open. You take up more than once space your gone.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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