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Too long-form census, or too not…

The long-form census debate, I think the greatest thing about this issue is that Industry Minister Tony Clement is using statistics in his argument to shut down the long form census. Where is he getting these statistics from?…hum? I really don’t see the issue here, so you have to take some time and answer a few questions. These questions in turn help with funding for a number of items that you the complainer use everyday. From what I remember from doing my census there was nothing in there made me worry about my privacy. Question: How many people in the household?…well my job has a list of my spouse and dependants so whats the difference. Question: How much money do you make?…well unless you are not submitting your taxes whats the difference once again? What time do you leave for work?…what do you think, they’re gonna tell your boss? Hum, maybe a question like that will help determine if the reason there are major traffic jams are a result of people leaving at certain times, and as such we can adapt traffic light patterns or build more roads? This is not like some online surveys where once you answer your email is filled with offers from companies that fit your demographics. You will not be on some mailing list. The questions may seem weird and pointless to you, but I’m sure that they are relative to certain federal, provincial and municipal departments. I think in the end one has to look at the fact that this happens once every 5 years, things have changed in my household since the last census. And now I have responsibilities that require the services around me to be improved. If this helps things to change and money to be shifted for healthcare and infrastructure so be it, send me the census.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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