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Overheard at the gym…

I am far from an Adonis, it is the main reason I have joined a gym to get my lard butt into somewhat of a decent shape. (I see this taking a very long and sweaty time.) There has always been a side to the gym enviroment that has always turned me off. But I feel that in paying I might actually exercise instead of sitting at home. Soon into my 3rd visit I have come across one of my gym turn-offs. The turn off in question is the self-absorbed, preening losers that strut around the joint not really working out, but there to look good and hit on the women. I watched in great humour as one of these struck a pose and did his best to impress the lady at the front desk. He “happened” to let slip that he was a model/actor to which he quickly noted that it is not something he likes to talk about. Too bad he didn’t follow through with the not talking part. 20 minutes of the pompous S.O.B spouting off on all his acting credits and that he needs new photos and has to call his agent. The best part though was the fact that the lady at the counter kept reading her magazine and dropped the odd “oh that’s nice”. I’m sure working in the gym has annealed her to all advances. Alas the guy was so fixated on himself that he never clued in, which made it very hard not to break out laughing. Ah well, I’m sure I’m going to see and hear many more odd items as I endeavour to get fit.

So enough for now…as some other sparkly has my attention…till next time…OH SO SHINY…

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